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Route de Gentelly ∙ Mountain passes in France

Route de Gentelly is one of our favourite drives in Alpes-Maritimes. Ideally you start your drive in the picturesque town Vence situated in Alpes-Maritimes. First head up in the mountains to Col de Vence, a bikers favourite road in the area. This 19.3 km mountain pass has a height of only 963m at the top but should not be underestimated as a driving experience. There are some very enjoyable corners on this stretch of road.

From Col de Vence the road continues through the village Gréolières, from where you will take an upright turn to Route de Gentelly (D2). Route de Gentelly is as close to picture perfection as a road can possibly get. Enjoy landscapes framed by natural high rock formations and arches. Wooden fences follow the lines of a very twisty road that surprises you with a new picture perfect landscape behind nearly every corner. You will also be able to enjoy some long straight stretches of road in the forest. When you later stop for a rest at one of the vantage points, with incredible views over a deep green mountain valley, you almost feel like you are on the top of the world.

And with a nice car parked next to you, that just interrupted the quiet tranquillity of the valley with its roaring supercar sounds echoing in the mountains, you would struggle to think of a better way to spend the day.

There are several nice hotels close to Route de Gentelly. Our favourite in the Vence area is the five star luxury hotel Château Saint-Martin & Spa, with a panoramic view over Côte d’Azur and Col de Vence + Route de Gentelly just around the corner. In Château Saint-Martin you can also dine Michelin starred cuisine. For the smaller budget we recommend four star La Vague de Saint Paul in Saint-Paul-de-Vence. Vence and Saint-Paul-de-Vence also has plenty of nice restaurants to choose from. One of our favourite restaurants Le Tilleul has a charming location in the village, a lovely terrace and excellent food.

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