Black Forest & Spa Tour - 4 Days


European Driving Holiday in the Black Forest, Germany

Day 1 - Arrive Zurich

Arrive Zurich and check into the Sheraton Hotel Zurich City West.  Take the tram to the old town (5mins) and spend the afternoon exploring the cafes and boutiques of Zurich's old town, or take a stroll along the world famous Bahnhofstrasse. 

Overnight: 4* Superior B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa

Day 2 - North to Baden Baden through the mountains along the western extremes of the Black Forest

Your car will be delivered to the hotel and you will be given a detailed walk through of controls and navigation unit, you will then be on your way.  You will then be met by your Ultimate Drives drive concierge who will provide you with a full walk through of the driving tour, handover the driving notes, maps and itinerary and answer any questions you might have.

The Black Forest & Spa Driving Holiday then takes you north from Zurich to the Rhine (natural border between Switzerland and German) where you cross the border at the beautiful village of Kaisersthul (castles on either side of the river). You now burst into the southern Black Forest with a run up one of sweeping lower mountain passes, then down to the beautiful Lake Schulesee where you will stop up for your first break of the day. After a quick coffee, continue driving deeper into the forest with a run up and around Mount Feldberg (the highest peak in the forest) then up to the town of Triberg. At Triberg you will stop up to visit the Triberg Falls, the highest waterfall in Germany, that cascade down to the village some 300M below. From here continue your driving tour into the northern Black Forest, along several panorama strasses, before stopping to enjoy a traditional Black Forest lunch. Afterwards, complete your drive to Baden Baden by picking up Route 500 / The Schwarzwald Hochstrasse - probably the greatest "drivers" road in the black forest, set high above the forest with views down to the Rhine Valley, it's the perfect way to complete the tour.

After arriving in Baden Baden and checking into your hotel, later head to the Caracalla Therme spa, directly adjacent to the hotel or the the Friedrichsbad (3min walk). Those are few of the best thermal spas in Europe, and the perfect place to relax for a few hours before dinner.  That evening we recommend you head out into town and dine at Rizzi - set on the river, it's our favorite restaurant in Baden wit a lively atmosphere serving modern European food.

Overnight: 4* Superior Aqua Auleria Baden Baden

Room type: Junior Suite

Day 3 - Return to Zurich through the central core of the Black Forest

This return drive back takes you south along the western extremes of the Black Forest, where you will drive up and over two of the most beautiful mountains in the Germany`s Black Forest region, Mounts Kandel and Belchen. Each rise to more than 1300M and offer stunning (but contrasting) panoramas of the surrounding forest. With the return drive there is also the option to make a diversion into the beautiful medieval town of Freiburg where lunch can be taken, or alternatively you stay within the forest limits and lunch near the top of Mount Belchen, the choice is yours. After lunch you will continue south towards the Rhine, passing through the villages of Todmoos and Todtnau, and skirt the edge of Mount Hochkopf. The final drive to the border (and Rhine) is along the Wehr River Valley, the valley was carved out during the ice age, and has gorge like rock formations on either side, the sound of the car engine reverberating off these walls is a perfect way to complete the run back to the border. At the border, stop up at the beautiful village of Bad Sacklingen (set on the Rhine) where you can visit the famous Holz Brucke (the longest covered wooden footbridge in Europe) for drinks / sightseeing, before completing your run back to Zurich.

Overnight: 4* Superior B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa

Day 4 - Final day in Zurich

Spend the last day taking in the sights and attractions of Zurich, a compact yet international city, with a wonderful old town (on either side of the Limatt river) the world famous shoppping street, Bahnhofstrasse, with its collection of watch and designer stores, then down to the chilled out shores of Lake Zurich, where you can take a coffee at one of the lakeside cafes with views all the way down to the Alps on a sunny day.

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