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Supercar Event - Swiss & Austrian Alps - 5 Days

Tour Overview

A four night event, that starts in Zurich Switzerland and includes 3 full day driving on some of the greatest mountain passes in the Alps, behind the wheel of our latest performance and supercars.

The package includes 2 evenings in Zurich (start and end of the event) as well as 1 evenings in the Swiss Alps, St Moritz region, and 1 evening in the Austrian Alps, Seefeld region. 

Price includes cars, hotels, meals, tour guide / lead car, and insurances for all of the participants to drive all of the cars

Cars Included in Event (based on the lead in price)

  • Aston Martin Vantage Roadster
  • Ferrari 488 GTB
  • Lamborghini Huracan Spider
  • Mercedes-AMG GTC Roadster
  • BMW M4 
  • Jaguar F Type V6S AWD

The price of this Supercar Group Event is based on a group of 6 supercars, models included are listed on this page, staying in single rooms. For a custom quote with different cars, hotels or group size, please contact us be phone, or complete the form

Duration - 4 Nights / 3 Tours

4 Nights / 3 Tours

Tour Region - Swiss Alps

Tour Region
Swiss Alps

Driving Distance - 750

Driving Distance

Availability - 18th June to 20th October

18th June to 20th October

Price: €4850 (per entrant)

Package Includes
  • Organisation of event
  • 4 Nights luxury Accommodation
  • 3Day driving in the Alps
  • 6 Performance / Supercars
  • Tour guide / lead car
  • Touring packs and roadbooks
  • Meals and excursions