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18 Sept 18 - Supercar Rally - Zurich to Monte Carlo


18th September - Arrivals / Breifing 
For non local entrants, we recommend you head into Zurich, Switzerland for the start of the event.  At 17:00 hours, we will conduct a full briefing and walkthough at the hotel, where indivudual road-books and touring packs will be distrubuted.  For persons renting cars, then the car handovers will take place from 18:00.  At 19:00 we will meet for an Apero in the hotels bar, then eveyone is free to head out at leisure into the city. 

Overnight: 5 Star Superior Atlantis by Giardino, Zurich

19th Sept - the Swiss Alps to Lugano

From 08:30am there will be a second breifing over coffees for any of the group coming locally - roadbooks and GPS units will be distributed. Cars will then activate their tours, and start to head on the road from 9:30am onwards.  

Tour through the heart of the majestic Swiss Alps, passing via Lake Luzern / Vitznau, for morning coffees.  We then drive to the summit of the Susten Pass, where a light lunch can be taken - from here, we head back down the pass, through Andermatt, and across the Oberalp and Lukmanier Passes, and south to the village of Ascona on Lake Maggiore (Italian speaking Swiss Canton of Ticino).  Dine that evening at leisure in the hotel's restaurant, or head into the small lakeside village of Ascona where there are a host of small bars / restaurants.

5hrs driving, 280km, plus stops

Overnight: 5 Star Superior Giardino Ascona

20th Sept - Piedmont Wine Regions
Morning starts with a run along the western shoreline of the lake Maggiore, stoppnig for morning coffees in the lakeside town of Stressa.  We then continue to the southern tip of the Lake, before picking up the highway south to Piedmont.  We then head south into the rolling hills and wine producing regions - there is a suggested lunch stop by the small medeival town of Moncalvo.  From here, we head into the heart of the vineyards around Barolo, driving a 90minute loop of the finest roads, with optional stops at some of the best vineyards in the region, before heading  towards the wine producing town of Barolo, where we will be based for the evening.  That eveing, an exclusive wine tasting arranged and the group can opt to either dine  at the hotels Gourmet (1star) restaurant, or just have something less formal in the hotels bar. 

5 hours driving, 280km, plus stops

Overnight: 5 Star Il Boscareto Resort & Spa

21st Sept - Alps Maritimes to Monte Carlo
Our final tour takes us initially on a loop of the Barolo vineyards, before heading south to Limone Piedmont, where there will be a mid morning checkpoint / coffee stop.  From here, we will pick up the scenic E74 south, and into France / French Alps Maritimes following the path of the river La Roya, through the spectacular Roya Gorge.  We then make a diversion up the isolated valley  Des Merveilles and the dam, taking lunch in this beautiful isolated region of the Alps Maritimes. We then re-join the Roya Gorge route, heading due south, across Col Brouis, and into Monaco.  On arrival, we will make a few loops of the F1 circuit, before parking up at our hotel, close by to Monaco beach.  That night the group will head out to Monte Carlo for a group dinner / night out

5 hours driving, 260KM, plus stops

Overnight: 4 Star Le Meridian, Monte Carlo

22nd Sept - Day at Leisure in Monaco / Departures
Spend a final day at leisure in Monaco, before your personal onward plans - for persons wanting a connecting flight from Zurich, there are 1 way Easyjet flights from NIce to Zurich, three times a day, 60min