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The Transalpina, DN67C or perhaps more aptly named, ‘the King’s Road’, (after King Carol the 2nd) is situated in the Parâng Mountains, nestled in the heart of the Southern Carpathians of Romania. It is one of the highest roads in the region. It connects Novaci to Sebeş in the north.

In total the Transalpina stretches for 148km and Ultimate Drives has selected the finest 63km of this route solely to provide petrolheads, adventurers, intrepid tourists and road trippers with the most spectacular drive. With a total of 20km above 2000 metres and a peak altitude of 2145 meters, the Transalpina is the highest road in Romania. The scenery en route along the Transalpina is spectacular, wild and exhilarating all in the same breath. There are numerous hairpins, sharp curves combined with some challenging climbs and descents as you make your way across the Transalpina.

Originally constructed for military use, this road has been subject to several modernizations in its time including during World War 2 when the Transalpina was used by the German army. The most recent work took place in 2007 when a well-laid tarmac surface was added to the Transalpina, perfect for getting the most out of this incredible drive.

Beyond the history and fantastic driving experience the Transalpina is, there are many places to stop off and take in the scenery. Pause at the Dam and Lake Tau Bistra, take on refreshments at Cabana Oaşa on the shore of Lake Oaşa surrounded by pine trees and linger at the key vantage points throughout the drive.

Despite the altitude, there are some fast stretches and sweeping curves to enjoy. Just make sure you visit in the summer season as this road is shut in the winter!

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