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Supercar Tours & Test Events

For 2022, our initial calendar of events will feature two possibilities, the first in Tuscany, a classic supercar tour, where you choose your preferred car, and join us at the start line for 3 days of driving on the finest roads in Italy.  The second in September, a test event in the Alps, driving more than half a dozen of the best mountain passes in the Alps, where you get to drive 6 cars over the course of 3 days, a true Top Gear style test and score.  Read on for more details...

Top Gear Style Test Events

Our Supercar Test events are designed to give you the possibility to test 6 of the very latest / greatest supercars now on the market, back to back, over three full days.  Each car you can expect to spend a full half-day behind the wheel on some of the best driving roads in Europe.  At the end of the event, we have a fun Top Gear style scoring and awards ceremony, to crown the "car of the event" at the end of the trip.  But what else can you expect when it comes to the trip itself, as it's not just about the cars...

Supercar Tours in the Alps - Ferrari and Lamborghini

Supercar Tours

Our supercar tours are a slightly different format.  With these, you choose the car that you prefer to drive (and you can even enter with your own car) and spend the whole trip with that car, experiencing the thrill of the drive, behind the wheel of the car of your dreams. 

The Best Driving Roads

Regardless of the format, we understand the best driving roads around Europe like no one else, so you can be sure that all drives will take you on amazing roads where you really can drive and appreciate the car.  If you want to get an insight into the roads, download our app of greatest driving roads at  Our Supercar Driving Tours and Supercar Test events drive only the best roads.

Supercar Tours and Test Events - Hahtenjoch Pass

Supercar Tours - Stelvio Pass, Italian Alps

The Latest Cars 

Over the years, we have tested some incredible cars, from the Ferrari 458 Speciale, to the Aventador 50th edition. 

For 2022, you can be sure of more of the same, as we introduce the latest offerings, including the all-new Ferrari F8 Spider, Ferrari Roma, 812 GTS, Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae, Lamborghini Evo, as well as the other well-established contenders such as the Mclaren 720s, the Mercedes AMG GT Roadster, and GT3 992, to make for an amazing fleet of cars.  Each of the tours does have a different fleet of cars on test, so be sure to check out the details if there is a specific car you want to drive.

Supercar Driving Tours - Ferrari  versus Lamborghini

Great Hotels & food on the way

As part of our Supercar Test Events, we have hand-pick some of the finest hotels as we journey on our way, so expect some 5-star pampering, and fine dining choices, typical of the countries and regions that we journey through.

Supercar Driving Tours - Kronenhof Hotel

A lot of fun

At the end of the day, that's what it's all about.  We emphasize the group having fun, our test events are not Gumball-style inter-city rallies/chase.  We take our time to enjoy the drives, but also the time spent together in between, including stops for sights and lunches along the way - so if you want to test these kinds of cars in a relaxed and well organised environment, then these test events will be perfect for you.

Supercar Driving Tours - having fun in a Ferrari

Professional Support Team 

We know these roads inside out, back to front, which means you get to "push" the cars where it's safe to do so, and cruise / admire the sights where that's more appropriate - all the time staying in touch with the rest of the group via high-powered walkie talkie communication devices.  All of our Supercar Tours and Supercar Test events feature a professional tour guide / lead car plus support/luggage sweeper, to ensure a safe, secure and comfortable convoy driving experience throughout

Supercar Tours & Test Events - Ultimate Drives

Choose your tour

Take a look at the planned supercar driving tours in 2021, and feel free to connect to us if you are interested to join!  As mentioned earlier, if there is a particular car you are really interested in experience, be sure to check out the cars on the test with each of the respective tours. 

Choose Your Preferred Package

Taste of Tuscany Supercar Tour - 3 May 2022 - Supercar Tour / Test Event

From€3800per person

Choose Your Car Format - tour in the rolling hills of Tuscany & Umbria with 3 full days driving on the most beautiful driving roads in Tuscany, enjoy a taste of the foods and wines along the way

Taste of Tuscany Supercar Tour - 3 May 2022 - Driving Holiday in Italy Taste of Tuscany Supercar Tour - 3 May 2022 - European Supercar Tours
Supercar Test Event in the Alps - 15th Sept  2022 - Supercar Tour / Test Event

From€5150per person

Test all Cars Format - Supercar Test Event in the Swiss and the Austrian Alps - test drive all cars, including the Porsche GT4, Ferrari F8 Tributo, AMG GTC and Lamborghini Evo

Supercar Test Event in the Alps - 15th Sept  2022 - Driving Holiday in Switzerland Supercar Test Event in the Alps - 15th Sept  2022 - Driving Holiday in Austria Supercar Test Event in the Alps - 15th Sept  2022 - European Supercar Tours