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Flüela Pass / Graubunden / Swiss

The Flüela Pass is an excellent pass along an extremely quiet valley, with limited villages - this aspect allows you to get into a great driving rhythm, without having to slow down and then speed up again every few kilometers as you approach villages. Starting from the north (Davos) end of the Flüela Pass, the initial rise up is through a beautiful alpine forest, with a nice collection of wide sweeping bends running into one another. As you rise further up the Flüela Pass, and burst through the forest and above the tree line (approximately 1800M) the Flüela Pass starts to tighten, however it never becomes extreme (switchback on top of switchback) so allows you to keep the rhythm going all the way to the top. Coming back down is a little steeper, and there are a few more twisty sections as you come out of the main valley and back into the wooded area. The Flüela Pass has a immaculate roads surface, and for the fact you can complete end to end almost uninterrupted.

Rating 4.7

Adrenaline 70%

Road Type Mountain Pass

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