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Road Type Mountain Pass

One of our favourite roads in Europe is Transfagarasan Highway in Romania. Many might recognize this as the road Jeremy Clarkson said to be "The world's best road" in one Top Gear episode (S14E01), dropping the fabulous Stelvio Pass from first to second place.

The road, that was built as a strategic military route, has 90 km of twists and turns and steep drops and climbs. It climbs up to 2,034 metres altitude and is the second highest paved road in Romania after Transalpina, which is also a recommended road to include in your journey. Drive through tunnels covered by waterfalls, stop by Bâlea Lake for a beautiful view, and enjoy a variety of landscapes and a beautiful road design that makes this mountain pass unique.

The road surface is not always in the best condition and we advice to drive it with caution, always keeping your eyes open for rocks or potholes. But ultimately it is the journey of discovery through exotic Romania that makes Transfagarasan one of the best driving roads in the world. It is a masterpiece to look at. The key to enjoying Transfagarasan is getting there the right time of the year, and also right time of the day.

In summers it is crowded with tourist traffic but if you arrive before sunrise or do not mind driving it when the sun is starting to set, you should still be able to get some one on one time with the road. Otherwise we suggest you head there as soon as the road opens in June and the landscapes are green, or alternatively late in the season before it closes. October is still a good time to go with beautiful autumn coloured landscapes, but even November might be possible if the weather conditions allow.

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