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The Ultimate Grand Tour - 26 Days

The Ultimate Grand Tour - 26 Days

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Porsche European Delivery - Ultimate European Grand Tour

Our longest tour by quite some distance, the Ultimate European Grand Tour winds its way from Stuttgart in the Black Forest all the way to Madrid. Taking advantage of Porsche’s alternate drop-off location in Madrid allows you to take your time immersing in the best bits of Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Andorra and Spain. A few highlights include the picture perfect Lake Como, Florence, Cinque Terre, Monaco, the Catalan Coast and Barcelona and many more views, roads and experiences along the way.

Don't forget to ask about our 3 night Nurburgring Add-on package! There is no better way to begin your new Porsche ownership than to bond with the car on the famous RING and the twisty roads of the Mosul River Valley. Applicable to all Porsche European Delivery Tours.

Porsche European Delivery - 4-Week Ultimate European Grand Tour

Arrival into Stuttgart

Arrive into Stuttgart and get settled in to your first hotel (provided by Porsche), and we will join you via video call for a tour briefing to review the road book and the specialty navigation links to your pre-planned stops for sights, coffees, lunch and more.

Overnight Hotel: Porsche-Provided Accommodations

Day 1 - Porsche European Delivery

Collect your new Porsche, visit the Porsche Factory, and soak up the entire Porsche Stuttgart experience. Then, you’ll want to be positioned in the beautiful river town of Strasbourg at the northern end of the Alsace Wine Region. We recommend simply plugging the Strasbourg hotel into your GPS and drive direct from Stuttgart. This route should take just under two hours leaving you some extra time in this gorgeous city. In case you want to spend some more time on the road for your first day in your new Porsche, we can assist with a slightly longer scenic drive through the Black Forest.

Overnight Hotel: Les Haras Strasbourg

Day 2 - Drive 1: Alsace Wine Region

For Drive 1, you will pass through wine regions and small wine houses. Continue into the Vosges mountains to discover Alsatian Castles and dense forests, completing the visit with some of the famous pretty villages of Alsace. The tour includes a visit to the most famous fortified middle age castle of the region, the Haut Koenigsbourg. After visiting the castle, you can admire the great views over the valleys, mountains and vineyards that will be your playground for the day ahead. After lunch, hit the road to the mountains to discover deserted small passes, mountain lakes and some very good turns. Make your way to Colmar, where you will stop for the night.

Overnight Hotel: L'Esquisse Hotel & Spa Colmar

Day 3 - Drive 2: Vosges Mountains

Drive 2 will start in romantic Colmar. After breakfast in the old town, roll through vineyards and mountains. You will then head to Mulhouse to visit the largest car museum in Europe, offering a fantastic racing cars collection and the largest Bugatti collection (Collection Schlumpf) in the world! Lunch is also at the museum, then continue down the road and cross the Rhine river again to enter Germany. Now aim towards the Swiss border by driving through the Wehr River Valley. This valley was carved out during the ice age and has gorge like rock formations on either side that will amplify the exciting sounds of your car. Visit the famous Holz Brucke, the longest covered wooden footbridge in Europe, before completing your run down to Zurich.

Overnight Hotel: B2 Hotel Zurich

Day 4 - Drive 3: Susten, Grimsel, & Furka

Drive 3 will be to Andermatt, set in the heart of the central Swiss Alps. Take a scenic run along the shores of Lake Zurich before crossing the deserted Buchernegg Pass, then dive into the heart of the Alps and cross your first high pass of the tour, the spectacular Susten Pass. Susten is carved into the granite-like sides of the valley and is breathtaking to drive. In the afternoon, climb the mighty Grimsel Pass, which then flows directly into the famous Furka Pass used in the James Bond movie "Goldfinger". The final stretch takes you past the Rhone Glacier and down to the resort of Andermatt for the evening.

Overnight Hotel: The Chedi Andermatt

Day 5 - Drive 4: Andermatt to Lake Como

Short and sweet, today’s tour takes you over the sweeping Oberalp Pass (2033 m) and Lukmanier Pass (1915 m) and across the Blenio Valley, before reaching shores of the Lake Lugano. From here, follow the shoreline of the lake and head to your hotel set directly on Lake Como.

Overnight Hotel: Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Day 6 - Drive 5: Loop of Lake Como (Optional Down Day)

Now you have the option to take a R&R day at your hotel, or choose to drive a beautiful loop around Lake Como. If you opt for the drive, it starts with a run along the western shoreline of the lake, then you'll take the car ferry from Cadenabbia directly to the resort of Bellagio. Explore the beautiful old town and grab morning coffees on the lakeside terrace. Continue along the shores of Lake Como to visit the village of Magreglio. Next, head into the mountain roads behind the village, climbing to the viewpoint at Colma di Sormano where there is a lovely observation deck. Take in the incredible views across the Alps to the north, then stop for lunch a short while farther at the summit. After lunch, head back down to the lake shores, through the town of Como, and rejoin the western shoreline. Following the shore to the north to Lenno, you can visit the stunning Villa Balbianello (subject to opening times), featured in movies like 007 Casino Royale and Star Wars. Take a stroll in its impressive gardens before continuing back to your hotel.

Overnight Hotel: Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Day 7 - Drive 6: Como to the Valley of Supercars

It is time to leave the Alps behind on Day 7. Heading due south from Lake Como, it is a straight shot past the bustling city of Milan unless you want to stop at the Temple of Speed, Monza. Despite the Porsche theme of your tour, we think it’s still worth it to spend this evening based in Maranello and the “Valley of Supercars” about 1 hr east of Parma. The Enzo Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Pagani Museums are all within about 20 minutes of each other!

Overnight Hotel: Executive Spa Hotel Maranello

Day 8 - Drive 7: Monte Cimone & Mille Miglia

With Florence as your target, start with a visit to the incredible Maranello Ferrari Museum, where the history of the brand is showcased through classic cars, current models and racing masterpieces. After the visit is over, buckle up and head into the rolling hills of Emilia-Romagna where Ferrari tests its road cars. After lunch, continue your journey around the scenic Monte Cimone before joining the historical route Mille Miglia as it sweeps south to Florence.

Overnight Hotel: Villa Cora

Day 9 - Down Day in Florence

Florence has much to explore! Make sure to spend some time exploring the old town and all of the architectural marvels located here.

Overnight Hotel: Villa Cora

Day 10 - Drive 8: Florence to the Coast

This is a short and direct drive from Florence to the Mediterranean Coast. Along the way, stop to see the famous leaning tower of Pisa! At only 2 hours long, you will have plenty of time to enjoy your hotel on the coast or visit the nearby Cinque Terre National Park. If you prefer another day of driving, this area of Emilia Romagna does have many exciting, winding back roads. Let us know, and we can help turn this day into a scenic, thrilling drive.

Overnight Hotel: Grand Hotel Portovenere

Day 11 - Down Day in Cinque Terre

Such a beautiful and unique area deserves at least one whole day to explore. Consisting of 5 unique villages clinging to the cliffs, we recommend visiting all 5 if possible. There are incredible hiking paths, a breathtaking train ride, and a ferry boat that can hop you from village to village. Read more about visiting Cinque Terre HERE.

Overnight Hotel: Grand Hotel Portovenere

Day 12 - Drive 9: Italian Coast & Portofino

This is a relatively direct drive, but through stunning Italian coastal landscapes. From La Spezia, head up the coast towards Genoa, stopping for lunch along the way. About 2 hours later, you will cross the border into France before descending into the luxurious city-state of Monaco. The A10 occasionally offers impressive views of the Med on the rest of the drive after Genoa. Feel free to take any diversions you like for coffee, fuel, sights throughout the morning.

Overnight Hotel: Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo

Day 13 - Down Day in Monaco

Though Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, this tiny but densely populated city has a lot to offer every visitor. From simple and relaxing activities like strolling along the marina, to health focused options like mountain biking in the surrounding mountains, to partaking in the night life at the world renowned casinos, there is something for everyone! Also possible is to drive along the coast and visit Eze, Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez and Antibes.

Overnight Hotel: Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo

Day 14 - Drive 10: Gorge Verdon & Route Napoleon

Start this drive by exiting Monaco and heading to Grasse. You will pick up the incredible Route Napoleon, following this to lunch at Chateau de Taulane, the highest golf course in the South of France. After lunch is one of our favorite bits of road we have ever found, cutting quickly through across the high plains to Gorge Verdon. With aggressive twists and turns and elevation changes, this is nearly 2 hours of driver paradise taking you directly to Lac de Sainte-Croix and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie for an afternoon coffee break.

Overnight Hotel: Le Couvent des Minimes

Day 15 - Drive 11: Mont Ventoux & Luberon Valley

Drive 9 takes you on a scenic loop of the Luberon Valley, including a drive up to the summit of Mount Ventoux, one of the most famous cycling stages on the Tour de France. The Luberon region is renowned for its delicious fruity wines and blooming lavender fields (at its best in the month of June). Start with a drive on twisty roads through the forests and fields of the region, then have lunch at the summit of Mont Ventoux. Marvel at the 360 degree views and catch your breath before another thrilling drive down the back side of the mountain, continuing to your next hotel.

Overnight Hotel: Coquillade Provence

Day 16 - Drive 12: From Luberon to the SW Coast

From the beautiful Luberon region, this drive will take you back to the Mediterranean coast and past Montpellier. Begin with a drive through the Alpilles Park, known for its unique limestone massif and charming hilltop towns. There is also the opportunity to stop at ancient Roman ruins if we plan ahead. A short while later, you will enter Camargue Park along the coast to skirt around the large French city of Montpellier. Then, you can either cut the afternoon drive short by driving directly to your hotel, or you can choose a winding route along the Orb River which cuts through the thick forests and rolling farmland.

Overnight Hotel: Chateau L'Hospitalet

Day 17 - Drive 13: Into the Pyrenees

From your hotel, nestled in the lowlands between the Haut-Languedoc and Pyrenees mountain ranges, start your drive by heading south and quickly gaining elevation towards the heart of the Pyrenees. Next is the jaw-dropping Gorge de la Pierre Lys, where the road clings to the wall along the Aude River. A short while later, you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the Col de Pailheres, the first true mountain pass since you left the Alps behind several days ago. It is here that you will get your first clear picture of the Pyrenees and why they are such a sought-after destination for drivers, cyclists, skiers and hikers from around the world. Once across the pass, head down to the Port d’Envalira pass which crosses the border into the principality of Andorra and to your hotel.

Overnight Hotel: Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa

Day 18 - Drive 14: Andorra Passes (Optional Down Day)

Today is totally up to you! On one hand, you’re staying at one of the top hotels in Europe, and you may want to spend this day enjoying its amenities and gourmet food. On the other hand, you may want to get out and about to explore the surrounding mountains on hiking path or twisty road. Andorra does have the largest concentration of paved switchbacks that we’ve ever been able to find. Whether you take the day to relax, get out on the road, or an even split, we have you covered.

Overnight Hotel: Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa

Day 19 - Drive 15: The Catalan Pyrenees

Today’s drive is only about 3 hours long, so take some extra time in the morning at your hotel. The route starts by exiting Andorra via the same mountain pass that you entered on. Immediately follow that up with Coll de Pimorent, a short but stunning pass that summits at 1915 m. After a simple lunch near the town of Mont-Louis, the route turns north and eventually turns into a wonderful tight and twisting section. The final leg of the drive runs back south over Col de Jau and directly to your castle hotel in the forest outside Prades. Though the road is only 1.5 lanes in some parts of this afternoon drive, the scenery and open stretches make it well worth taking this indirect route from Andorra through the Catalan Pyrenees.

Overnight Hotel: Chateau de Riell

Day 20 - Drive 16: The Catalan Coast

From your hotel on the edge of the Catalan Pyrenees, you’ll find yourself alongside the med within an hour. The twisting seaside road D914 reminds many of California’s scenic Hwy 1 thanks to its proximity to the sea, perfect asphalt, charming seaside towns, and the hills and cliffs that rise sharply out of the water. After lunch, it's about an hour to cross a rural region before one more twisty section through the trees. Finally, arrive at your hotel back on the coast. Enjoy a choice of dining options with 5 restaurants from fine dining, bistro, Club House, lounge bar and Italian restaurant all within the resort. The hotel also has a lounge bar where you can enjoy drinks on the outdoor Terrace.

Overnight Hotel: Camiral Golf & Wellness Hotel

Day 21 - Drive 17 (Short): Along the Coast to Barcelona

With eager sights set on the historical and trendy city of Barcelona, today’s drive is very short. You may choose to drive direct to maximize your time in the city (~1 hour) or to include about 45 minutes of some scenic, driver's roads at the beginning of the drive. If you choose the longer, scenic option, the drive will still only take about 2 hours.

Overnight Hotel: Hotel SOFIA Barcelona

Day 22 - Down Day in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most exciting cities to visit in all of Europe. From its top tier LaLiga football team FC Barcelona, to its many Michelin Star restaurants, and from its wild architecture to is sparkling beaches, there is SO much to see. Visitors could easily fill a week with constant activities and sightseeing. Since you only have a short while, make sure to do a bit of research so you can fit in the things that most excite you.

Overnight Hotel: Hotel SOFIA Barcelona

Day 23 - Drive 18: West into the Iberian System

Today's drive continues westward down the Mediterranean coast past Barcelona. A few sections of the morning drive are beautiful twisting coastal drives, but the bulk of it will be on the highway towards Valencia. The afternoon drive diverts off the main highway and into the lower hills of the Iberian System mountain chain. Eventually the path will lead to the Ebro River, the longest river in Spain, which flows all the way to the Med from the Cantabria mountains 910 km to the north. About an hour more of driving on quiet, rolling country roads and you’ll arrive at your penultimate hotel.

Overnight Hotel: Torre del Marques

Day 24 - Drive 19: Direct Drive to Madrid

At just under 5 hours, this direct drive is on the long side. However, the amazing city of Madrid awaits you, and makes this final push worth it! Across the road from Plaza de España park, your upscale, modern hotel has a rooftop bar and pool, a spa, a restaurant with outdoor dining, and more. The rooms are fitted with luxury touches throughout and have views over the bustling city of Madrid.

Overnight Hotel: VP Plaza España Design

Day 25 - Down Day in Madrid & Car Return

For your down day at the end of your tour, we recommend leaning into the Spanish cultural gem that is Madrid. In such a large city, the activities and attractions are endless! Find live music, traditional Spanish cuisine, amazing shopping areas, and both old and new architectural wonders. Follow Porsche's instructions on returning your vehicle here in Madrid, and then enjoy the rest of your time in the city.

Overnight Hotel: VP Plaza España Design

Day 26 - Departure

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Images of Your Journey:

PED Ultimate European Grand Tour - Susten Pass

PED Ultimate European Grand Tour - Chedi Andermatt PED Ultimate European Grand Tour - Furka Pass

PED Ultimate European Grand Tour - Hotel SOFIA Barcelona

PED Ultimate European Grand Tour - Vosges Mountains 

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  • Complementary Trip Planning Service
  • Luxury accommodation & breakfasts
  • Detailed day-by-day itinerary 
  • Planning of experiences
  • eRoadbook with navigation links
  • Tour briefing before heading out on your drive 
  • On-call WhatsApp Support when on tour

Price per person assumes 2 persons travel together and share the car. Single traveler prices available upon request.