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Supercar Experiences

Drive the Supercar of your dreams

If you are interested in discovering the ultimate luxury gift for the car lover in your life, then check out our Supercar Experiences! A 2-night package with the opportunity to drive your dream car on the greatest driving roads in Europe!  NB: Experience prices are per car/couple.

Choose your preferred destination: the Swiss Alps, the German Black Forest, or the South of France.

Supercar Experiences - FerarrI 488GTB

Our Ferrari 488 GTB, Supercar Experience on the Albula Pass

What does a Supercar Experience involve?

The perfect luxury gift idea, each of our Supercar Experiences offers a full day behind the wheel of one of our latest-generation performance or supercars. For each of our Supercar Experiences, you can choose between cars such as the McLaren 720s, Ferrari 488 Spider, Lamborghini Huracan, or Porsche GT3 RS. Alternatively, if you are interested in something a little less hardcore, we also have a range of performance cars such as the Porsche 718 GTS, BMW M4, and others - the choice is yours.

Supercar Experience - Alps - Take two

Our AMG GTC on the incredible Fluela Pass, Supercar Experiences in Davos

How much time will be spent in the car?

Each of our Supercar Experiences is one full day with the car. Your car will be delivered to you at 8:00 in the morning, and will be collected between 18:00 and 19:00 that evening. The drives themselves range between 200 km and 340 km on the best driving roads in Europe, with stops for sights, coffee, and lunch planned for you along the way. When considering your budget, keep in mind that normally a full day supercar rental includes only 150 km with the car. Our Supercar Experiences include more than double that allowance! At Ultimate Drives, we make it our mission to ensure you get to properly experience the car on the roads they were designed to be driven on. Our Supercar Experiences are not like a track day with a few controlled laps; you spend a full day on your own with the car, where you can really appreciate both its performance and handling.

Supercar Experiences Alps - Lamborghini Huracan

Our LP610 Lamborghini Huracan, Supercar Experiences on the Albula Pass

How does it work?

The car of your choosing will be delivered directly to your hotel, and you will then receive a full pre-drive briefing, a customized roadbook, and predetermined Google Maps routes which will guide you through your tour. We also will set up WhatsApp chat with you so you can keep in contact with a member of our team throughout your tour and share your location in case of any questions when on the road. After that, all you need to do is activate the route, start your engine and you are on your way!

Supercar Experiences Alps - GT3 RS

Our Porsche GT3 RS, Supercar Experiences on the Gotthard Pass

Some practical information on our Supercar Experiences

AVAILABLE CARS - Our fleet of cars is constantly changing, so please check each of the respective packages for options. You can choose from cars such as the Boxster 718, Porsche 992 4S, Porsche GT3 RS, Mercedes AMG GT Roadster, BMW i8, Ferrari 488 Spider, Lamborghini Huracan Evo, and many more. When you decide on your preferred package, you can see the full list of available cars by clicking the drop-down list.

SECURITY DEPOSITS - When renting the cars, there is always a security deposit in the event of small damage. Think of this as an insurance excess. This deposit is taken as a credit card reservation (not a charge) at the start of the drive, which is canceled at the end of the drive when the car is returned safely. The cost of the deposit will vary by car, but in general, for sports cars such as the Boxster, we request a deposit of 3000EUR. Performance cars such as the 911 or R8, 6000EUR, and Supercars, will require a deposit between 7500EUR and 10000EUR.

STARTING POINTS FOR THE EXPERIENCE - Below you will find the various options and destinations available for these Supercar Experiences. Supercar Experiences in the Alps and the Black Forest start from Zurich, and Supercar Experiences in the South of France & Alps Maritimes start from Cannes or Monte Carlo. Simply click on your preferred package, select your preferred car and date, and send us an inquiry. We will take care of the rest!

Get Ready to Start Your Engine

It's now time to start the fun and create some memories to last a lifetime! Just start your engine...

Supercar Experiences in Europe - start your engine

Our Guarantee

Since 2010, we have been arranging Supercar Experiences in the Alps, Black Forest & South of France. We have a small team of expert planners, so we can guarantee you only the very best cars in A1 condition, personal service throughout, and the best-planned drives. There are now several other companies out there trying to do what we do, but nobody arranges European Supercar Experiences as well as Ultimate Drives.

Lake Luzern & Klausen Pass - European Supercar Experience

From€2800per car

A 2-night package features a 1 day / 200 km supercar experience in the Swiss Alps, featuring a scenic drive along the shores of Lake Zurich and Lake Luzern and the spectacular Klausen Pass.

Lake Luzern & Klausen Pass - Driving Holiday in Switzerland Lake Luzern & Klausen Pass - European Supercar Experience
Black Forest Experience - European Supercar Experience

From€3400per car

A 2 night package featuring a 1 day / 280 km supercar driving experience on the fast and sweeping forest trails and lower mountain passes of the German Black Forest - a Meca for supercars.

Black Forest Experience - Driving Holiday in Germany Black Forest Experience - European Supercar Experience
Susten, Grimsel & Furka - European Supercar Experience

From€4000per car

A 2-night package featuring a 1 day / 340 km supercar driving experience incorporating some of the greatest mountain passes in the Alps, including the "Big 3" of the Central Swiss Alps

Susten, Grimsel & Furka - Driving Holiday in Switzerland Susten, Grimsel & Furka - European Supercar Experience
Monaco & Col Turini - European Supercar Experience

From€4400per car

A 2-night package featuring a one-day / 260 km supercar drive in the sunny south of France, starting from Cannes, Monaco, or Nice, enjoy a day's loop into the Alps Maritimes behind the coast

Monaco & Col Turini - Driving Holiday in France Monaco & Col Turini - European Supercar Experience
James Bond Driving Experience - European Supercar Experience

From€5800per car

Get in touch with your inner 007 on a weekend mission behind the wheel of the latest-generation Aston Martin. Your mission takes you on a 300 km tour into the Alps, driving the 007 Furka Pass.

James Bond Driving Experience - Driving Holiday in Switzerland James Bond Driving Experience - European Supercar Experience